How To Choose The Perfect Necklace For Her

Finding the perfect necklace for her when she’s not part of the decision-making process can seem daunting. Having your gift be a surprise and a slam dunk is the goal, even if it’s a lofty one. While picking the perfect necklace often comes down to preferences and taste, there are a few things you can consider that will make your gift much more likely to be something she’ll love! Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Necklace Sizing

Here are the standard sizes for most necklaces:

  • 14” - This is considered a choker for many women, and some children can even wear this size. This could be way too tight if they have a thicker neck, so keep that in mind when buying. If they have a smaller neck and like chokers or layering, 14” might be a great size for them.
  • 16” - Where this size necklace falls depends mostly on body type. If the lady you’re buying for is more petite, this length will fall around the collar and collarbone area. If the lady is plus sized, this might be more like a choker for her.
  • 18” - Many women like this size because on average, it falls below the collarbone and isn’t too long or too short.
  • 20” - This length of necklace size will vary considerably depending on who’s wearing it. If the lady is petite, it will wear pretty long and well below her collar bone. If the lady is plus sized, it might still fall below the collarbone, but it won’t be quite as dramatic when it comes to the length.

Necklaces can go longer. Some can be over 30 inches! This is a big stylistic choice, though. So, unless you know that she loves longer necklaces, stick with something in the above size categories.

Her Style

First things first, her style is hands down the most important aspect of choosing a necklace. You might study all the information in the world about what necklace looks best on certain body types or certain neck lengths, but none of it will matter if it’s not her style. Observe necklaces she already has and wears often. Are they long or short? What do they look like? Do they have meaning to her? How often does she wear them? Even better, if you have access to her necklaces when she’s not wearing them, consider taking a look and taking measurements so you know the length and style she likes. If you’re going to do this, just make sure you put everything back the way you found it or the surprise could be ruined!

Also observe the style of necklaces she wears. Does she like dainty chains with pendants, thicker chains, beaded necklaces or pearls? Maybe she prefers chokers. No matter what she likes best, make sure you observe and take note. If you buy her something beaded when she prefers dainty chains with dainty pendants, she might not love it.

The Metal Type

Another thing to think about is the metal type. Whether you’re buying real gold, silver or rose gold, keep the metal color in mind. Women often have strong preferences about what metal types and colors they like to wear. A lot of women prefer all gold jewelry to match and layer while others prefer all silver. People can also have allergies to certain metals, so make sure you understand all of that before you purchase the necklace as well.

The Meaning Behind the Necklace

A lot of women like necklaces that have meaning behind them or remind them of a special occasion. For example, if she has children, she might like a necklace with all of her children’s initials incorporated. Maybe she has a favorite event or vacation to remember, so you could get her a necklace with the date engraved on it. Some women like to incorporate the birthstones of loved ones into jewelry, like these mini birthstone necklaces. By picking something that has special meaning to her, the necklace is more likely to be a hit because it’s a reminder of something she loves!

Consider Where She’ll Wear It

As you’re looking at necklaces, think about the places she goes the most. Does she work a lot? Is she a busy mom? Does she like to dress up and make a statement? What are her hobbies? All of these questions will play into what kind of necklace she might like best. Or conversely, perhaps this necklace is for a special occasion. If so, keep in mind what she is planning to wear (or most likely to wear) in that setting. Find a necklace that matches and is appropriate for that occasion.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Do not wait until the last minute. Life gets busy, but waiting can be detrimental to getting the perfect gift. If you have plenty of time, it will give you more opportunity to find something she’ll love, and you’ll have more to choose from. Being able to look at multiple options, research her style, find something within your budget, and getting it shipped to you with time to spare means you’ll need more than just a day or two. Give yourself at least a few weeks to do your research and purchasing. Leave time for shipping so you don’t have to pay a hefty rush fee. 

Again, finding the perfect necklace will come down to her likes and dislikes, but these tips and tricks are sure to help out! Also, don’t worry if she doesn’t seem to like it at first; have her try it on! She might be surprised. Sometimes we think things might not work for us (or it’s something we wouldn’t have picked), but when we try it on, it looks great! If all else fails, make sure you know the store’s return policy and have your receipt in case she wants to exchange it. No matter what, it will be special because you went to the effort of finding something she’d like, and that’s the most important thing of all!

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