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Katie Waltman Jewelry was founded in Salt Lake City, Utah during the Spring of 2002.  First inspired by her grandmother's bead collection, Katie began making pieces for herself.  Since then, Katie's jewels have become highly sought-after treasures.  Katie Waltman jewelry has been seen in People Style Watch, Elle Magazine, and Oprah.com and has a clientele that includes Molly Sims.  She attributes her success to her passion for creativity and her love for all things beautiful.


When Katie is not designing she is developing her talents as a violinist.  She holds a bachelor's degree in violin performance from the University of Utah, as well as a master's degree in the same field from the University of California, Santa Barbara. 


In 2010, Katie partnered with her younger brother John. In addition to managing the operations of the business, John went on to get an MBA from the University of Utah in 2016. Though each possesses different strengths, the siblings share the same entrepreneurial spirit and passion for quality and creativity. Katie's designs have continued to grow in popularity and are now being discovered across the US and abroad. 

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