How to Build the Perfect Ring Stack

Do you love wearing rings? If you do, and you own quite a few (or would like to start curating a new ring collection), creating rings stacks might be your new favorite thing! Ring stacks are created when you wear multiple rings on the same finger. They can be detailed, plain, have meaning to you and can be made in any metal. Ready to get started? Here are a few ideas to help you build the ring stack of your dreams.

Consider the Metals

Are you a gold, silver or rose gold fan? Maybe you like all three! While your ring stack is all about what you like best, for a classic look, stick with stacks that are all the same metal. This can mean that all the bands are made in the same metal, or the design itself incorporates that same metal. This is all preference-based, though so if you like mixing two metals, go for it! There are no real rules here.

Design Choices

Some things to consider when stacking bands is whether you like rings with a 3D quality that stick out, or do you prefer rings that have the design printed directly onto the band so it doesn’t stick out? Both are stunning choices, but keep in mind their sizes. The rings that have more pieces sticking out might be harder to stack than the smoother bands. So, while you can incorporate the bigger rings with more of a 3D design, the smoother rings with the design printed into the band might be much easier to stack. There are also rings you can buy that are curved so they stack more easily. 

Stones or No Stones?

Do you like a little sparkle when it comes to your rings? Sparkle can be seamlessly incorporated into a ring stack. Just make sure you don’t overdo it. If you have too many elaborate rings in a stack, people’s eyes won’t know what to focus on. This can look chaotic. The best stacks have pieces that complement each other. Consider looking at one or two rings that have a little sparkle, then select a few bands that complement the sparkly ones. That way, it will not detract from the one or two fancier rings.

Meaning of the Rings

It can also be fun to incorporate special meanings or memories into your ring stack. Some people love ring stacks that feature their children or partner’s initials. Others like to incorporate their nickname or a fond memory. So, for example, if your nickname was “bumblebee,” you could incorporate a cute bumble bee ring into your stack. While a great-looking ring stack is amazing, being able to look down and remember someone or something can make the stack even more meaningful.

Creating Stacks with a Wedding or Engagement Ring

One of the most popular kinds of ring stacks includes an engagement ring and a wedding band. It is traditional and has a lot of meaning. Did you know you can add to it, though? If you would like a little more of a flashy look, consider getting a ring that closely matches or complements your wedding band. Stack your wedding band on the bottom, the engagement ring in the middle and the new ring on the top. 

If you’re not into super-elaborate rings, try adding in rings with birthstones of your loved ones to your commitment stack. You can also add a much more sparkly ring to the stack to commemorate your anniversary or another special event. 

How Many Rings?

How many rings you incorporate into your stack really depends on how big your fingers are and your preferences. If you have smaller hands and more petite fingers, you might only be able to fit two or three rings on each of your fingers. If you have bigger hands and fingers though, you might be able to get away with four or more. Another great thing to do is to build a three-ring stack and then wear other matching rings on the surrounding fingers. It will still complement your ring stack, but you can spread your rings out if they look too crowded on one finger.

Mix and Match

Maybe you usually play it safe when it comes to your jewelry choices, but you are wanting to break out a bit. Ring stacks are a great way to subtly break out of your fashion rut. Maybe you’re usually into silver pieces, but you want to try some gold. Try finding ways to mix and match the two together. One great way to do this is by using a two-toned ring. So, maybe the band is silver but the design on the ring is in a gold hue. This allows you to stay true to your favorites while branching out and trying something new!

Try Them on for Size

It is really important to know your ring size when shopping for rings to stack. Also, keep in mind that your finger size might vary a bit as you go up your finger. So, it’s always a good idea to measure and make sure you have a receipt, in case something does not fit.

The most important thing, though, is to try on all of the rings together. Take out ones that clash, do not fit, or might go better with a different group of rings. Make sure you like the look!

Don’t Force It

If you are not feeling how the rings look together, don’t force it! As mentioned above, you can always put other rings on different fingers if you want to wear them all at the same time. You can also create multiple stacks to wear on different days. The most important thing is that you love your ring stacks.

Ring stacks can be incredibly fun to build. When you see a ring you like, consider buying it and trying ways to mix it in with your go-tos to keep your stacks looking fresh. No matter which colors, designs or groupings you use, it’s most important to go with what makes you happy.

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