Materials and Care

We like to think we have something for everyone and are continuously working to create high quality pieces that are affordable. In order to offer a wide variety of styles we use a combination of different materials. Here is a bit of information on each material so that you can determine what’s best for you.


Gold fill is a much more affordable alternative to Solid Gold. With a layer of solid 14kt gold pressure bonded to a brass base metal, gold-filled pieces can last for many years with proper care. This technique is more durable than gold plating, but to be clear it is not solid gold. Gold filled is generally safe for most sensitive skin types, but can cause a reaction if you are allergic to brass. 

Although gold filled is very durable it can fade over time. Usually it can be cleaned by using a soft toothbrush combined with mild dish soap and water. It is still recommended to avoid contact with perfumes, lotions, ocean/pool water or any other harsh products. 


Plated jewelry is a process where a thin layer of gold or silver is bonded onto a base metal. This is a budget-friendly alternative to real gold and allows us to have a wide variety of on trend styles. Our product description will indicate whether the piece has a brass or sterling silver base. It is important to use proper care when wearing and storing these pieces to increase the lifespan of the plating. 

 Plating will eventually fade over time, but can be prolonged with proper care. Jewelry should be the last thing you put on and you should avoid any direct contact with perfumes, lotions, soaps or any other harsh products. Do not wear or wash them in soap and water. Be cautious when purchasing plated items if you have an allergy to brass.

 In many cases we have designs that are made with a gold-filled chain or ear wires but they will have a gold plated charm or pendant. This will be indicated on the product description. We do this to create an overall higher quality piece.

 We know it can be frustrating when jewelry loses its original golden luster and in many cases we can offer to re-plate our pieces at a minimal cost. To find out more about this process please email


 Bronze is a beautiful metal that has been around for thousands of years. It is an affordable metal with a warm, rich color and has a similar look to gold fill.

Our bronze is a high quality Italian alloy of copper and tin that contains an anti-tarnish compound which delays, but does not eliminate, eventual oxidation. Bronze is similar to sterling silver in the way that tarnish can often be removed with a polishing cloth. It is still recommended to avoid contact with perfumes, lotions, ocean/pool water or any other harsh products. 


Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. Sterling silver will easily oxidize and tarnish, but can often be cleaned with a polishing cloth and sterling silver cleaner to renew it’s shine. Do not wear your sterling silver in water.